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We are Protecting and Managing Global Marks for our clients since Decades. We can assist you in your Legal Compliance and Global Strategies to expand your Business Opportunities We are here to see you Grow
Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh

IP & Internet Law Attorney

Solutions come form Discussions. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your matter in person or through conference call. We provide Techno Legal solutions for the challenges you face while starting or expanding your Business activities in different parts of the globe. We can also provide Litigation support with respect to Intellectual Property or Internet Laws.


The following resources may be used for informational basis. The use of information or policies is for educational basis only and any reliance on the same without legal consultation with an attorney is discouraged.

World Intellectual Property Organisation 

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Indian Trademark Office

European Union Intellectual Property Office

African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO)

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution

Uniform Rapid Suspension

.in Domain Name Dispute Resolution

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Many decisions can be taken with a legal opinion in a matter that can grow your business. We assist you in your decision making and provide Techno Legal solutions to enable you to focus on your core business activities and not worrying about compliance and third party infringers.

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We at provide legal opinion and Technical solutions for your Business Requirements. We rely on Technology to manage your global IP portfolios and provide platform to the client for effectively manage and keep track of their matters at a click of a mouse. With us you do not need to keep track of deadlines, renewals or upcoming scheduled matters. We even keep track of time spent on your particular matter so that we can provide complete transparency to our clients.

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