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Domain Names

Domain name is your Identity on the Internet, You may desire to build a Brand or perhaps treat it as a platform to showcase your personal skills. To achieve this goal, you want to Register/Acquire/License a Domain Name from a Registrar or from Aftermarket. The registrations, acquisitions or Licensing if not legally compliant could impact your plans to grow online.

We provide our experienced inputs to your Domain Name Strategy to help build your identity on the Internet.

There maybe an instance where a Domain name similar to your existing Trade mark or Brand is already registered by third party. We provide legal and Technical solutions for due diligence and also take action on your behalf under different Dispute Resolution Policies. We are also actively litigating Doman name disutes under ACPA and Indian Trade mark Laws depending upon client requirements.

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Website Compliance

The next thing after Registering your Domain Name is to venture into a world of Internet by having an online presence through a Website.

Though Website development and hosting services are provided these days at a click of a mouse but it requires various compliances and certain Agreements in place to secure you from future hassles.

We at LawArcade believe in making businesses protected and strong enough to take legal actions against infringers and also defend itself if the need arises.

Therefore, we provide Techno Legal Solutions to our clients to for Website Technical and Legal stability for a smooth Business. Our services include drafting of Website Terms & Privacy statements which are important to be compliant with each jurisdictional law that a business caters to. Currently we can review the Terms & Privacy of the websites in compliance with United States, India, European Union and Australian Laws.

Apart from Website Statements, your contracts with developers and your own employees plays an important role in defining in your rights in the work rendered by them. Most of the times this is the core contention of Litigation between the parties. We expertise in reviewing and drafting the employment contracts to secure your future rights.

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Social Media

Social Media Law Practice involves a constant engagement of a client and an attorney to discuss the problems being faced. Mostly immediately after making websites, Social Media Law involves strategy to develop and run campaigns which are legally compliant.

Most of the times, clients face problems of someone registering protected mark of the client on social networking websites and claiming to be providing legitimate information of products or services. However there is no Agency relationship that exists therein.. There are also instances where a competitor bids on a keyword on paid advertising services and provides his results before than the legitimate organic results.

We at LawArcade provide Techno Legal Solutions to your Social Marketing Strategy and proactively provide you with our due diligence reports on timely basis to avoid loss of business to third parties.

Online Reputation on Internet also plays a vital role in establishing your positive identity. We regularly assist our clients through various online strategies to improve Online Reputation through Techno Legal solutions.

We are eager to speak to you and discuss your next Online Strategy.

Intellectual Property – Prosecution & Enforcement

Intellectual Property (IP) is a bundle of Rights which can be protected and enforced. The foremost requirement for Intellectual Property is that it has to be “Original or Novel”.

A good IP strategy is a key to Business success and it all starts with inventing something. The invention can be in original Word, creative design or Technology. However, there is no IP in an idea.

The other key requirement of an efficient IP Strategy is the Portfolio management of the IP Rights. Most of the IP rights except Copyright is jurisdictional which means you need to ensure that your rights are protected in each jurisdiction of your business activity.

We at LawArcade provide Prosecution and Enforcement services with regard to the protection and litigation in all major countries of the world.

We are eager to speak to you and discuss your next IP Strategy.

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